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Why Custom Software?


laptopphone.pngWhy Custom Software? Software plays a pivotal role in any business, large or small. Affordable custom applications can reduce time and energy spent on menial tasks--things such as payment processing, automating daily operations, improving connectivity for your employees (see Managed IT) all improve bottom line profitability and employee satisfaction. VISTECH's software architects and developers have created and developed solutions for project management, web applications, mobile apps, financial & accounting software, automated trading platforms, process mapping, and much more to meet business needs. We have complete, packaged solutions as well as packaged software components & toolsets that reduce development time and cost. If you have an application in mind and believe it could benefit your business, we can help. While most businesses have unique systems requirements and strong technology preferences, there are common components required in all software development projects. We understand that and have integrated frameworks of components, tools and “helper” functions that put us several steps into every project before we even start. As a result, while others are building infrastructure functions or spending time cloning & adapting code, we’re already implementing your business processes. Our strength is software architecture, design, and implementation, and while we focus on Microsoft technologies (like .NET, SQL Server, and SharePoint), we’ve completed many projects using non-Microsoft platforms & tools.
Custom Software Development. We work on custom software projects in a variety of industries, solving a wide range of business problems. You can request case studies filling out the form at the left of this page. We have structured project methodology and highly skilled teams--project managers, software architects, software developers, business analysts, usability specialists, graphic designers, and testers. Confidence in our abilities and process allow us to fix-price implementations with defined requirements, but it doesn’t end with the first release. Good software is used, and used software needs enhancement and support. Our support programs allow you to control cost of owning and maintaining customized software solutions. Opportunities to fix-price or cap software maintenance and support let you manage budgets and deliverables. We’ve proven our value with our Fortune 1000 clients who choose us for software development and support over the less reliable offshore options.
Software Products & Toolsets.Software Toolsets are components that deliver large pieces of functionality, like security & permissions or data mapping, and our Software Products are complete systems that can be implemented as is or customized to support your specific needs. The bottom line, we’ve already started the application you want to build.


It’s all a part of the VISTECH experience. Our dedicated staff will make sure any issues you may have are taken care of promptly and effectively, regardless of the time they occur.
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