Creating Good Web Page Content

While a good design is important, it’s content that conveys your message.  It’s content that will be the reason visitors take next steps to engage with your business.

Know Your Visitors.

Content is consumed by two types of website visitors—humans & bots.  People arrive at your website to complete a mission, like get information or purchase a product.  Content needs to be structured in a way to assure human visitors can quickly complete their mission.  Web crawler, spider, or search engine bots download and index content from each page of your website.  The purpose of this indexing is to understand what a web page is about.  By indexing or categorizing content, search engines rank web pages, returning links to the most relevant when search are done.

What is Website Content?

Content falls into two categories—Text & Media.  Text is written content on each page, and media includes animations, images, sound, & video.

Text should be to-the-point.  Humans aren’t going to read through massive blocks of text, and bots have difficulty indexing a page if it has a lot of text. Text on each page should be focused on a specific topic.  Use short sentences and short paragraphs.  Calls To Action (CTAs) are next steps you want a visitor to take—fill out this form, call us, sign-up for our newsletter.  CTAs need to be clear and very visible.

Media helps organize text, but it should also contribute to the messaging.  Show your visitors what you’re about.  Use media to provide additional information and assist with navigation.  Media can help visitors understand your website and complete their mission in a shorter amount of time.  Bots also use images in the indexing and ranking algorithms.

The Never-Ending Task.

For the bots, you’ll need to update and improve content to keep search engine ranking optimized.  This is one important component of Search Engine Optimization.  New and up-to-date information gives people a reason to keep visiting your web site.  Updating and changing content is a never-ending to-do.

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