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Google Got Rid of Search Results Pages

A fundamental change is coming to Google Search. Learn more about it by visiting our blog.

Many jokes circulate in the IT realm about the best place to hide something being page two of Google. Engage with IT professionals, and chances are you’ll come across this jest. Unfortunately, Google is changing its search results which will make this joke completely irrelevant.

In brief, Google on desktops now uses the continuous scroll format introduced for mobile devices in October 2021.

How Will Continuous Scroll Work on Google?

Similarly to how many social media platforms work, Google will now present the equivalent of six pages of results before giving users a “See more” button that loads additional results. The idea is that this will make searching quicker and easier for users—and, if only slightly, reduce how critical it is to be one page one (although the fact remains that the higher a result is in the search results, the better it is for that webpage).

What do you think of this change? Let us know, and don’t hesitate to share any updated jokes that better fit the new approach Google Search is taking.

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