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Case Studies

Customer Success Stories

Learn about the real-world application and value our IT solutions bring our customers.
  • A Case Study in Quality Assurance

    STEPS Ensures Delivery of Aerospace Software Needs
  • A Case Study in Reliability

    CoDi Enterprise Suite Develops a Centralized Application
  • A Case Study on Outsourcing

    A Hartford Law Firm - Total Network Support (TNS) program
  • A Case Study on Consistency

    An Emergency Medical Dispatch Center - Computer Aided Dispatch Systen (CAD)
  • A Case Study in Security

    A West Hartford and Middletown Law- Security Upgrade
  • A Case Study in Personalization

    An Automotive Service Shop- Computer Network Upgrade
  • A Case Study in Quality Risk Management

    A Global Pharmaceutical Company Automates QRM of Clinical Trials

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