VISTECH’s software architects and developers have created solutions for project management, web applications, mobile apps, financial & accounting software, automated trading platforms, process mapping, and much more to meet your business needs.

Why Custom Software?

Software plays a pivotal role in any business, large or small. Affordable custom applications can reduce time and energy spent on menial tasks–things such as payment processing, automating daily operations, improving connectivity for your employees (see Managed IT) all improve bottom line profitability and employee satisfaction.


Coders are important but after they have finished you will realize that someone has to test and Quality Assurance (QA) the result. Without sound design, project management, business analysis, and testing, you many not end up with the desired result. Our project methodology structures planning, creates user interface and technical architecture design documents, leverages agile development, and ends with user acceptance testing. You will therefore know what you are getting before it is delivered.

Business Focus

The best technical implementation may not be the best implementation. Our business domain expertise integrates understanding of business requirements with sound technical knowledge to deliver the appropriate solution. With domain expertise in pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, and financial services, we probably have you covered.


We’ve been doing this for a long time and have an integrated framework of components, tools, and “helper” functions that form the foundation for all of the software we develop. It includes structured, tested code that is typically part of software applications—user interface and database management, business objects, data interface standards, and more. With these pieces in place, we don’t have to start from scratch and can focus on your project specifics immediately. Within the toolset we’ve even added functionality that are unique to specific industries.


VISTECH really wants a partnership and prefers to engage in development that leads to on-going maintenance and support arrangements. With this in mind, we build software for maximum flexibility and maintainability. Version 2 of an application should not require redesign. Cost of ownership for poorly designed and implemented software will far exceed the initial build cost.

Intelligent, Powerful & Cloud Integrated

If you haven’t started leveraging the cloud for application development, you are really missing out and losing a competitive edge. Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services APIs let you build intelligent apps with powerful algorithms using just a few lines of code.

Customer Stories

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