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Here’s one that might need some thought. Do you have situations where using ink and paper is the only current option but realize it’s uneconomical, inefficient, and bad for the environment? For example, imagine a large company that may have hundreds of daily visitors. They probably print hundreds of one time use visitor badges and provide hundreds of plastic clips to attach these to the visitor. All of the badges and some of the clips end up as waste. Are there any reasonable, reusable alternatives? Using a modifiable display, like a smart phone or tablet, might be an option but wearing a lanyard with an iPad around your neck all day just wouldn’t be comfortable.

Check out the HP IonTouch. It’s a new kind of printing technology that sits between permanent ink and modifiable displays. A visitor badge-size version costs only a couple of dollars to make. The IonTouch Imager writes on electronics and energy free displays that can be reused more than 10,000 times.

ION tech
IonTouch is in incubation mode in HP and only available for early release/pilots.

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