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A Case Study in SPFx

A Leading Global Medical Company Increases Functionality and Efficiency with Custom Applications


In the dynamic landscape of global industries, large companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of custom web applications to boost efficiency. As the demand for tailored solutions grows, a leading medical company faced an urgent requirement for a dedicated reporting hub within its biopharma group. The envisioned reporting hub needed to be more than a platform; it needed to be a strategic central point for accessing crucial reports efficiently.


In this context, the company aimed to build and deploy a comprehensive reporting hub within an aggressive two-week window. The urgency stemmed not only from time sensitivity but also from the necessity for a dynamic solution that would accommodate future updates seamlessly. Leaders needed this web application done quickly as these reports supported critical decisions. Recognizing the strategic importance of a user-friendly interface that ensures quick access to essential reports, the company turned to VISTECH for its expertise.

Biopharma group


To address the client’s pressing requirements, VISTECH implemented a multi-faceted solution that utilized SharePoint Online and the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) to create a custom web application. This approach leveraged SharePoint Framework’s ability to overlay a custom-designed user interface on top of SharePoint Online’s powerful set of data management tools and features. This means that VISTECH clients experience great time and cost savings using SharePoint’s easy-to-use, no-code backend, while still providing a solution-specific user experience that only a custom design can provide. From design to deployment, projects are managed following a standard SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) process by VISTECH’s in-house team of designers, business analysts, and developers.

Creating a functional web application in a brief timeframe was just one aspect of the challenge. The solution also needed to facilitate quick and easy future updates to support a growing user base and increasing demand for business intelligence. Version 2 of an application should never require redesign, and for this reason, all VISTECH applications are designed for maximum flexibility and maintainability. VISTECH follows the latest DevOps practices that ensure that the development team has easy, concurrent access to project code within a secure and organized environment that is audited regularly for quality. Combined with SharePoint Online’s no-hassle deployment process releasing new features to your organization has never been easier or more cost-effective.


The resulting web application now stands as a testament to its successful creation. Actively utilized by the biopharma subgroup, its intuitive design enables users to navigate and locate specific reports effortlessly. Administrators have gained the ability to update the site seamlessly, ensuring information remains current and relevant. This dynamic reporting hub has significantly improved accessibility and efficiency, transforming into a centralized platform that streamlines processes and enhances overall productivity for the company.

VISTECH’s success extends beyond meeting the aggressive two-week deadline; it exceeded the client’s expectations. Metrics such as increased user engagement, faster report access, and positive user feedback underscore the tangible success of the project. This case highlights the growing trend among large companies to invest in custom websites as strategic tools for increasing overall efficiency. By delivering a tailored solution within tight timelines, VISTECH showcased not only its ability to meet challenging deadlines but also its capacity to exceed client expectations, even in high-pressure situations.

With the help of VISTECH, the company’s software needs were well met. Give us a call at 860.251.8003 to learn more about what we can do.

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