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Helping manufacturers do more business online is at the core of our product offerings. We cater to both the buying and selling side of often complex B2B transaction. Exploiting the self-service or sales-enablement capabilities of our products creates a more efficient selling process. Our unique technical architecture lets you embed our software components into your existing websites. It also reduces complexity associated with integrating your internal systems.

VISTECH’s Configure Price Quote Solutions

Self-Service software, such as our product catalog, configurators, and eCommerce solutions help a user configure parts and send an RFQ or purchase directly over the internet. Self-Service software eliminates unnecessary phone calls or emails to your sales reps or staff and puts the control back in the end-users hands.

Sales-Enablement software makes it easier for sales and channel partners to do business with you. This includes an RFQ/Quote/Order system for more accurate and timely quoting as well as Sales Portal for order entry and order tracking post-sale. Armed with the right tools, your sales staff can spend more time going after new business and less time talking with engineers or designing quotes.

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Configure Price Quote Offerings

  • Product Catalog

    Help buyers find what they want, when they want. The SolSuite Catalog enables buyers to intuitively discover your products on their time from any device. Your online catalog is completely customized to handle your unique products and seamlessly represent your brand.  <more>

  • Product Configurator

    Let buyers self-configure-to-quote and order with the easy-to-use SolSuite Configurator. This complex, rules-based solution is customized to your unique products and rules and intuitively guides the user step-by-step. <more>

  • RFQ/Quote/Order Software

    Empower your sales team to provide accurate, professional quotes every time. SolSuite RQO automates your entire quoting process from beginning to end.  Your customers enter their RFQ’s, using your up-to-date catalogs & configurators.  Your quoting specialists convert RFQs to Quotes and fill in the details, no redundant data entry.  Your customers electronically receive Quotes and convert them into orders and can be submitted directly to your backend systems for fulfillment. <more>

  • Sales Portal

    Give users the account access they need. The SolSuite Sales Portal makes basic account functions like checking order status and inventory levels completely self-service. <more>

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