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Managed IT

Why is Managed IT Services So Important?

Managed Services is the proactive management of Information Technology, IT. The operative word is "proactive". We monitor your computers, servers, and other IT resources to identify potential problems, correcting issues before they impact your business. And we also provide recommendations to proactively evolve your IT infrastructure to meet future demands.

VISTECH’s Total Managed IT Services

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), the mission for our Total Managed IT Service offerings is to deliver business value to our clients by reducing costs, increasing productivity, and mitigating risks. We accomplish this by integrating technologies, automating processes, and implementing an IT strategy that is appropriate for each client’s business.

While we do offer standard support solutions to protect all of your IT assets, we prefer to start with a network evaluation to understand your business so that we can customize solutions to best fit an organization’s objectives and needs.

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Components of Total Managed IT

  • Help Desk

    Our help desk is reachable 24×7. We are available to answer questions and assist with issues you may be experiencing.

  • Monitoring

    We utilize technology that continuously monitors your infrastructure because it alerts us to situations before they escalate. Proactive monitoring reduces the probability of problems from occurring and minimizes the impact of problems that may arise.   Some security breaches take months to uncover.  Our monitoring technology creates alerts and stops attacks when they happen.

  • Management

    Managed IT is about the technology, but technology without sound management & strategy isn’t going to be successful. We assist with management by offering services from Virtual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) consulting to basic vendor management.

  • Cloud/Hosting

    Integration of cloud technologies has cut the IT spend for some of our clients in half. Cloud services for email, file sharing, and even phone systems now offer big enterprise quality at a price small & midsize businesses can afford.

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