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Non-Profit Organizations

Free Website Review

Elevate your online presence with a complimentary website performance evaluation for Connecticut non-profit organizations. Uncover outreach potential and identify performance optimizations.

FREE Website Review

You’re about to make the best decision for your non-profit organisation! Fill out the information below if you are interested in the FREE Website Performance Review!

The performance review will include:

  • Review your conversion plan or statistics
  • Identify basic SEO issues
  • Mobile Support
  • Review your analytics
  • Check the speed on your website and mobile website
  • Review Google Webmaster Tool Issues
  • Pinpoint security issues
  • Check your Backups
  • Check internal linking between blog post
  • Code Review

Check the Speed

The speed of your website and mobile site are important in many ways. If your homepage does not load within 2 seconds, it could be an issue. Google uses it as one of the criteria when it ranks your site. Some ways to improve speed is to remove invalid content loaded, reduce large images, and much more. Google is even more critical when it comes to the speed of mobile sites.

Mobile Support

The amount of people who use their mobile device to do visit your site increases every year. If your visitors use a mobile device they need to have a good experience otherwise they may not return to the site. It is essential to make your website layout responsive. This means your website will adjust in layout to suit mobile, tablets, and any size in between.

Identify Basic SEO Issues

Proper search engine optimization is important to consistently grow your organization and meet your business objectives. It is crucial to make your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. There are so many factors that go into SEO and our goal is to go through it all to ensure a much greater search engine ranking.

Dedicated to You

Here at VISTECH, we love to work with Connecticut non-profits and want to help them in their mission any way we can. Most organizations who outsource their website development only focus on design and how it looks. While that is important, most of these website design companies fail on the development side of what is truly important: performance. So many factors go into the performance of a website and how it is built is crucial. VISTECH wants to ensure that all Connecticut non-profit websites not only are up to date with design but are performing properly to optimize their missions. This is why we are offering all Connecticut non-profit organizations a FREE performance review.