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Refreshing Your Business’ Digital Signage Helps Refresh Your Business

Your signage tells a lot about your business. Let’s talk about it a bit.

Digital signage platforms are on the rise, and they are giving businesses more opportunities to help their office visitors feel more connected and comfortable. You might be surprised by how affordable and accessible digital signage solutions can be, hence why they are growing in popularity with businesses.

What is Digital Signage?

The digital displays you see that guide customers, visitors, and patients in certain locations would qualify as digital signage. Whether it’s the menu behind the counter at McDonald’s or the LED billboards you see lighting up the sides of the highway, it’s all digital signage. You can use these digital signs to broadcast information to your target audience. There are several reasons why you might use this for your business. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Retail businesses have a lot to gain from digital signage. They can inform a customer’s purchases, especially if they are placed in a location that gets a lot of traffic. They usually lead to higher sales, thereby justifying the increase in costs associated with implementing and maintaining such a device. Digital signage in retail spaces can give customers information about products, promotions, directions, and so much more. Essentially, these signs can be used to fuel the customer’s purchasing decisions and help to target specific products.


Sometimes a trip to the doctor’s office can be intimidating, but digital signage can make it a much more welcoming experience. Healthcare facilities like hospitals and doctor’s offices can use this to broadcast changes of service, patient check-in information or directions, and even provide a digital interface for workers to use within the patients’ rooms. People tend to gravitate their attention toward digital signage compared to traditional signs, so it’s a great way to make sure people in the healthcare industry, or visitors, know what must be done.

The Modern Office

Some companies struggle to keep their staff updated with the latest organizational information, something which can often get in the way of them fulfilling their day-to-day tasks in the most efficient manner possible. Using digital signage to share important information in common areas can be a tremendous boon for your organization, and it can aid in employee engagement, too.

Implementing digital signage might involve the installation of hardware, such as televisions or monitors, as well as the cabling required to set up these systems in the most effective locations within your office. The hardware and software itself is relatively affordable, and this software solutions can be hosted in the cloud, further decreasing the capital costs associated with implementation.

While digital signage is far from required for businesses, it is hard to argue with a solution that can increase your revenue by as much as 33 percent and reduce the amount of money you spend on traditional signage.

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