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Make Work Simpler Through Automation

Work is being redefined, thanks to the adoption of automation. Let’s discuss how it can assist your business.

All jobs have aspects of them that are simply dull or unengaging. After all, nothing can be exciting all the time. Today we focus on these rote tasks and how to make them less impactful on your time and job fulfillment. Turns out, the key to solving this issue stems from technology, specifically the ability to automate said tasks.

The Minutiae

“Business operations” is generally used as an umbrella term, not necessarily in relation to a particular task or what makes up that task. Some of these tasks are repetitive and crucial, yet they can make employees feel their time is underutilized. Thankfully, there is an alternative solution that might be able to address this challenge.

Automation Can Be The Remedy You Need

Some studies have indicated that automation of rote tasks can save as much as two hours of work every day… per employee. Imagine how much more you can get done as an organization if you save that much time. You could focus on revenue-generating tasks or other intensive work tasks, and employees would be less likely to disengage from their work. More time could be spent focusing on what matters and innovating for a brighter future.

Most business automation occurs through software solutions. Manufacturers can also incorporate robots to handle many of their automated tasks. Small businesses, on the other hand, will use automation to support their Standard Operating Procedures, using technology to build repeatable and trackable processes that provide them with much-needed consistency.

How You Can Build Better Automation Processes

Some businesses will find automation integration to be easier than others. Certain tasks will be easier to automate, while others will actually come at the detriment of your organization. Let’s examine the best ways automation can provide a return on investment for your business.

Lead Generation

Managing your lead lists can be time-consuming, but it is essential to optimizing your profits and revenue generation. If you automate these tasks, you are making it easier for your sales team to pursue meaningful connections with potential clients, improving your business’ profitability as a whole. You can automate the process of inputting leads into your customer relationship management software or even assign them a score based on how likely they are to yield a return. You can then use these scores to make the most educated decisions possible for pursuing new prospects.


Internal communications can be challenging to manage, too, but the fact remains that if they are managed effectively, they can improve your business’ performance across the board. Automated notifications can boost business communication speed and efficiency, syncing with existing tools like instant messaging, phones, and emails. These notifications can help you better manage inventory, provide better support, update users on tasks, and so much more.

Customer Support

Small businesses have been innovating to provide better customer support and service through the use of automation. Technologies like AI-powered chatbots can provide excellent front-end customer support to handle simple, common issues, leaving your production staff more time to handle other tasks. Chatbots are just a good supplement to your current support team, providing yet another option for customers to receive support the way they want to.

Automation can make your business much more profitable and productive. To learn more about how you can take advantage of it, be sure to contact VISTECH at 860.251.8003.

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