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Patience is a Virtue…Especially Amongst Your Team

If you want to cultivate a productive staff at your business, seeking out and developing patience in them is a good start.

Most people are capable of productivity, but sometimes it can be a bit harder for some than for others. We’re not here to provide methods for boosting employee productivity if consistency is an issue. We stress a commonly overlooked trait for optimal team efficiency: patience, often seen in highly productive individuals.

Patience is not a new concept; it is a sought-after character trait that allows people to work their best with high consistency. Agitated individuals need time to recover, impacting their optimal performance. Those who are somewhere in the middle and can maintain that level-headed attitude are able to keep their composure, minimize impulsive decision-making, and work under pressure.

Here are a few reasons why you should encourage patience in your employees.

Patient People Have Better Time Management Skills

Patient people aren’t so prone to their emotions being disrupted by any little mishap, meaning that instead of complaining about circumstances, they are more likely to sit down and figure out how to address the problem at hand, despite the tight schedule or timeline. They meet deadlines more effectively and they do so with fewer errors.

Patient People Are Less Stressed

Patient people will still get stressed out—that’s just a fact of life—but they won’t let it affect their work as much. They are more grounded and less prone to suffer from burnout or overwhelm. Burnout is a serious issue that can affect workers on both the individual level and the organizational level.

Patient People Are More Creative

Creativity is something that patient people are generally more effective at, as coming up with actionable ideas rather than just simple concepts is more challenging and requires more attention to detail.

Patient People Are More Productive

If a business has productive employees, then the business will operate more effectively. Patience is crucial to productivity. They might not be the hotheaded firebrands that inspire others, but they will generally outperform the less patient folks over time.

Now that you know the importance of patience and its relationship with productivity, check back next week for how you can improve your own patience so that you can be more cognizant of how it affects your own work performance.

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