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What Should You Expect out of Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a widely known, but far less understood, technology. Let’s go over what you can really expect to see from it.

AI has been a hot topic in recent months and years, which only makes sense. It’s seen more use in public applications and stirred controversy for seeming to compete with people. In September, AI art winning a contest intensified job displacement fears in the workplace.

Smaller businesses and individuals can now leverage advanced AI capabilities, which you might already be utilizing. Exploring current workplace AI applications and what they imply for the future of AI at work.

AI Helps to Automate Processes that Do Little But Eat Up Valuable Time

In fairness, process automation isn’t exactly a new thing—people have been figuring out how to automate aspects of their workload since the advent of the wheel and agriculture. Having said that, artificially intelligent tools can adapt to new information, unlike most of the process automation we’ve seen in the past.

Most workplace automation today handles tasks, known as process automation, that would otherwise require human attention. In deploying tools that utilize artificial intelligence to carry out processes, your human resources are freed up to attend to other responsibilities that require a more human creative process.

AI Helps Generate Insights Quickly and Effectively

Businesses thrive on data—the more of it that is properly organized, the better. Obtaining, organizing, and analyzing this data, however, is a job that many businesses find to be prohibitively time-consuming and error-prone.

The algorithms that artificially-intelligent tools rely on can and do make this procedure much more attainable on all fronts. Not only can data be compiled and arranged far more expeditiously, but modern programs can then take that data and infer valuable predictions based on it. In short, an AI can often see patterns that a human can’t, giving the human putting the AI to use actionable data that generally results in better outcomes.

AI Helps Improve Customer and Client Communications

Prefer a company that remembers you or one that repeatedly asks for information? AI increasingly helps create personalized experiences or supports human employees in doing so.

This is what is known as cognitive engagement, and it serves as a key source of customer service capabilities and streamlining processes. In the medical field, a physician can focus more on patient care, confident that the treatment plan an AI serves up will fit a patient’s needs properly. Businesses can use AI for communication, like employing chatbots for customer support or internal engagement.

In No Uncertain Terms, AI Can Be Useful Just About Everywhere…

…and we predict it may very well be! The best part is, there are many ways you could be using some version of AI in youe process! Give VISTECH a call at 860.251.8003 to learn more about how we can help make your business’ IT better!

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