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A Cool New Security Technology May Make the Password a Thing of the Past

Whether you love them or hate them, passwords serve an important purpose in the realm of cybersecurity. They are the first line of defense against potential threats, yet they are also notoriously easy to crack. Some of the biggest names in technology have been working on ways to get around the challenges presented by password security. This includes the one that we are excited to highlight in today’s blog.

The Password Might Be Over…?

The passkey, seen as a potential password replacement, is gaining traction in the tech sector and could revolutionize cybersecurity approaches. Passkeys, unlike passwords, are stored on a device rather than in memory or a password manager. They’re automatically retrieved when users need to log into a system.

If users are unaware of their passwords, they can’t give them to hackers, preventing security attacks. This technology works by using Bluetooth technology, with the key being generated over the connection to a user’s smartphone. The phone then signs the user into the system, cutting out any need for a user-generated authentication measure.

For passkeys to be a viable authentication alternative, they need broad support across various platforms and systems. This means that they would have to become the new standard for every website, browser, password manager, and so on, which is a daunting task, to say the least. Users would also need their devices on them at all times to use their accounts, making the passkey somewhat inconvenient for access.

Some Major Technology Companies Are Considering Passkeys

Even big names like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are interested in the passkey as a concept. In fact, Google has already launched a beta passkey platform to use with their Chrome browser and Android Mobile OS. The beta is available through Google Play Services, and the plan is to eventually use Google’s Password Manager to provide the necessary passkeys, using biometrics to provide access and authentication.

With the security landscape changing so radically all too often, you can never count yourself too secure to fall victim to a cybersecurity attack. To get your business’ network audited and protected, reach out to VISTECH at 860.251.8003.

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