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The Reality Is That You Could Know More About Cybersecurity

Let’s discuss ways to help keep your organization’s technology safe from hackers and other threats.

Last week, we reviewed why your business’ cybersecurity processes need training. In this article, we focus on the other side of things and delve into the essential network protections that no modern business should be operating without.

Essential Cybersecurity Investments for Businesses

Nowadays, businesses have dozens of options when it comes to protecting their operations. For simplicity, we’ve taken three that we feel can be used most effectively to catch the majority of threats. This is not an exhaustive list and you should absolutely implement more than just these options, mind you, these are just the ones we are highlighting today.

Endpoint Management

Businesses have many more endpoints at their disposal nowadays than they did in the past. Where there were once only workstations to consider, mobile devices and the Internet of Things can also provide inroads into your business’ network. This is even more the case with remote work having exploded in the recent past. Improve security by taking better care of stock and by managing endpoints.

Network Monitoring

Risk mitigation is generally the overall goal of any form of monitoring, because it just makes sense that the closer something is being watched there’s a smaller chance of something happening without you being aware of it. Today’s cybercriminals are going to do whatever they can to hide their attacks, so you need to understand your network infrastructure and have better visibility into how it works. This makes monitoring your network essential.

Threat Detection

It’s important to have a plan for how to catch and handle threats on your network. It doesn’t matter how much you invest, all it takes is one mistake or one bit of code that lets in ransomware for it all to come crumbling down. Millions of threats are swirling around every year…you aren’t going to have a 100% success rate in stopping them. There’s just no way. That’s why threat detection and remediation is so critical.

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