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Customer Stories

A Case Study in CPQ Implementation

A Medical Device Manufacturer Improves Functionality and User-Friendliness of Their Sales Process


A Medical Device Manufacturer known as one of the global leaders in medical suction and oxygen therapy devices had a website built using a hard-to-manage Content Management System (CMS). This CMS integrated legacy technology that only supported Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality for catalog & configured products. Instead of simplifying their sales process, this added new layers of difficulty. The manufacturer places great emphasis on patient safety, innovation, and quality products. It is therefore imperative for them to have software that enhances their sales process for their employees and customers.


The Medical Device Manufacturer found that the CMS was difficult to use and required a level of skill specific to that software which was hard to find. It was therefore difficult to make periodic and casual updates to the website as their employees had to re-learn how to create changes each time.

The catalog and configured product technology already integrated with the CMS created a great inconvenience due to the constant dependency on the vendor to make, test, and deploy changes. There was a growing need for the manufacturer to add eCommerce functionality to their website. Instead of only supporting the RFQ process, the website also needed to automate the order processing. This addition would save time, money, and effort but the legacy technology would be expensive and challenging.


The manufacturer contacted VISTECH to implement its SolSuite Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software. CPQ Implementations offers businesses numerous benefits. This CPQ solution allows companies to evolve their business through the combination of self-service and efficient sales process automation. By using the software’s development portal, existing catalog & configured products could flawlessly be converted into SolSuite. VISTECH designed and implemented a Sales Portal using WordPress that supported RFQ submissions as well as all aspects of catalog & configured part purchase. Visitors can browse, select or customize a catalog item, and pay using credit cards on the site. Orders are automatically fed into the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for fulfillment.

SolSuite RQO (RFQ Quote Order) was also included in the solution to provide efficient administrative & reporting functionality. RQO’s pricing engine was implemented to support the manufacturer’s complex distributor pricing algorithms. The manufacturer can also easily expand its use of RQO in the future to support a more controlled and formal quoting process.



Thanks to VISTECH, the manufacturer can now independently update and easily add new catalog & configured products to their website. They can also conveniently update their website content with WordPress by using a highly extensible and user-friendly CMS. The integration with the manufacturer’s backend ERP system assures that accurate information about clients, distributors, and pricing is present in a complete and correct sales process automation. By automating credit card purchases, the company is reducing customer service interactions, saving them time and money. With the help of VISTECH’s SolSuite, the sales process became a seamless, automated, and more efficient process. Give us a call at 860.251.8003 to learn more about what we can do.

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