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A Case Study in Office Automation

A Software Integration Company Streamlines Their Sales Documentation Process with Power Automate


A Connecticut Software Integration Company was struggling with complexities in their sales process, wanting to centralize their sales meeting documentation. It was important for their team to document sales meetings for later review to assure quotes provided to clients were accurate and to avoid any future misunderstandings that may result from conversations containing project requirements. Microsoft Teams was used to record meetings and those recordings were individually saved to the meeting organizer’s OneDrive. Each week several hours were spent manually changing permissions and granting access to recordings. VISTECH, a software developer and IT consulting, firm was contacted to alleviate these issues.


Microsoft Teams meetings’ recordings & transcripts are stored in the personal OneDrive and Exchange folders of the meeting organizer. Meeting participants can be granted access to this documentation, but those not directly associated with the meeting must follow a less than obvious process to view the material. Since employees might change roles in or leave the company, documentation might be lost or made inaccessible if it was not moved out of their personal folders. Since Microsoft Teams does not provide for a group to be the meeting organizer, the complex process of moving meeting documentation from various personal folders to a centralized repository had to be done as a customization.


VISTECH created a Power Automate Flow that replaced the manual task of moving meeting recordings out of many personal OneDrive folders and into a shared document library in Microsoft SharePoint. The process flow is triggered automatically once an hour, moving new files in a timely manner to the repository. The SharePoint document library has independently customizable permissions so that all designated members the sales and development teams can view the meeting documentation without issue. The automation organized files into hierarchies of folders for easier search and review of the recordings.

With the help of VISTECH, the recording process became more configurable. This included being able to edit the meeting organizers’ OneDrive folder locations, renaming the files to make it easier to find the recordings and saving them in separate folders.


After successfully deploying the Power Automate Flow in the Microsoft 365 tenant, time spent managing the video archive was reduced by approximately several hours each week. Meeting organizers no longer needed to email coworkers with shared links to personal OneDrive recordings, download the files manually, rename them logically, or reupload them to a separate file share. Users that required access were allocated permissions to the SharePoint Document Library, and those permissions are now centrally managed and easily audited as necessary to ensure the security of the recordings and any intellectual property stored within. With the help of VISTECH, the sales process became increasingly efficient and organized.

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