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A Case Study in Personalization

An Automotive Service Shop- Computer Network Upgrade


​Modern motor vehicles are dependent on a wide range of increasingly complex processors. The microprocessor-based systems require technologically advanced repair mechanisms to diagnose and repair problems. A full service automotive repair facility recognized the growing importance of technology with regards to automobile repair services and contacted Visual Technologies Inc. (VISTECH), an IT consulting firm and system integrator, to upgrade its computer network.

The Challenge

Evaluating vehicle issues sometimes requires driving them.  It was important for the Auto Service Shop to have a solid wireless network to provide connectivity to their network from all areas within their buildings as well as their large parking area.

The Solution

VISTECH’s IT technicians designed a network for the automotive shop that would increase the efficiency of the business and the safety of its files. The heart of the system, a Dell Poweredge server, runs the Windows Server operating system. The technicians installed Dell Optiplex workstations in the front office. Each of the three repair bays was equipped with a Dell Latitude laptop PC connected to the auto shop network via an 802.11g based wireless LAN. VISTECH chose an enterprise class wireless system as a means of improving the automotive technicians’ flexibility. The wireless LAN extended internet access to the entire property, which enabled the shop to research and troubleshoot problems in or around the building. In addition, the LAN included fast Ethernet switching and dual firewalls, which ensured secure internet access and Virtual Private Network capability.

Finally, the auto shop, not wanting to run and maintain nightly backups or store tapes in the shop, implemented an offsite backup system through VISTECH. Backups are transferred nightly to VISTECH’s storage network, eliminating the need for the shop staff to swap tapes. After creating the new network, IT technicians provided training for the shop’s staff on the new elements of the system.

The Result

​Since it hired VISTECH, the automotive company has been able to provide more efficient and cost effective service to its customers. “VISTECH has allowed us to better service our clients. We are now able to diagnose and repair problems more quickly, saving us time and allowing us to keep our prices competitive,” said the owner. With all of its files secure, the automotive employees can focus on their specialty and true objective. VISTECH continues to manage and protect the network with its proactive Total Network Support (TNS) service. TNS detects and corrects any threat to the facility’s network before it presents a problem.

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