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Discover the CPQ Solutions game changer: VISTECH’s SolSuite, the ultimate SaaS platform revolutionizing your sales-to-manufacturing process. Unlock the full potential of your sales process and orchestrate your business like never before.

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Make Your Web Presence Your Most Profitable Sales Channel

The Development Portal allows you to create and manage Catalogs and Configured Products.  The Catalogs have customizable attributes, while Configured Products have component assemblies, supported by SolSuite’s Product Configurator. This Configurator is made to handle  complex product design and testing.


SolSuite RQO automates quoting from RFQ to Order. It integrates with sales and back-office systems, as well as, streamlines product management within the Sales Portal.

The SolSuite Sales Portal is an eCommerce solution that can be customized or integrated with your company’s informational site, providing a single, unified website for your marketing and sales needs.

Our Product Families

CPQ Solutions streamline the creation of accurate sales quotes for customizable products and services by automating Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting.


Configured Products

Empower buyers to self-configure-to-order your products with the SolSuite Product Configurator. This complex, rules-based solution applies your unique assembly rules to create a seamless online build-to-order experience. You choose the amount of work your product configurator does – from configure-to-quote to configure-to-order. Complex decision-making functionality drives every step, with rules set by you, delivering only valid products while eliminating mistakes, extra costs, and delays.

Cataloged Products

We live in an online world where buyers demand a seamless product browsing experience – whether they are shopping for groceries or gear. The Cloud-based Product Catalog gives your customers an intuitive self-service experience to browse your full product line. We tailor your Product Catalog to your unique brand and products so that you can quickly guide customers to discover and purchase the exact products they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our RQO system can integrate with your current ERP.  We have existing integrations with several ERPs, or we can create a custom integration to meet your requirements.  We also have a standard interface that you can accept & adapt.  

If rules can be exported we can use those in our Configurator processing.  Note that our configurator likely has more front-end, visual functionality like thumbnail & build images.

VISTECH’s RQO system is configurable to meet your needs.  Your distributors can enter RFQ’s that you can convert into Quotes. Quote functionality lets you provide custom pricing, suggest alternate parts, add supporting documentation, and more formally approve.  Distributors can then accept Quotes and automatically convert those into Orders.

Or, if you elect, distributors can directly create Orders using their unique, predefined pricing.

RQO, VISTECH’s CPQ solution, is a web application that automates the dealer/distributor sales process.  RQO optimizes that sales process by eliminating redundant data entry and reducing the need for direct communication between inside sales and your dealers/distributors.

Sales Portals are public-facing websites that automate the RFQ submission and product purchasing processes.  Sales Portals can integrate with RQO and will have more detailed content about the company and its products.  

We acquired a configurator solution that supports dozens of clients and hundreds of product configurators.  The solution has robust functionality, supporting a wide range of product options.  Using that solution as the business requirement, we built a new version using current technology.  As a result, we have a modern implementation with a 20-year track record of supporting complex product configurations.

Our Configurator solution includes a web portal where you can  independently build, update and test your product configurators.

Of course.  Product catalogs are an important part of CPQ and Sales Portal implementations.   Using our administrative web portal, you can define, update, and test your catalogs.

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We are delighted to announce that VISTECH has been recognized as one of the “10 Most Promising Microsoft Azure Solutions Providers for 2023” by CIO Review. This prestigious accolade is a testament to our dedication to excellence in the cloud computing and Azure ecosystem.

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