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Customer Stories

A Case Study on Consistency

An Emergency Medical Dispatch Center – Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD)


Located in Hartford, Connecticut, an emergency medical service coordination and dispatch center’s primary service provides a direct radio link between the prehospital medical providers and the emergency departments at area hospitals. Because the center facilitates a partnership between medical providers and coordinates patient distribution in mass causality incidents, the efficiency and reliability of its network system can mean the difference between life and death. This non-profit recognizes its operation permits no margin for error and so it sought Visual Technologies, Inc. (VISTECH), a system integrator and independent provider of software and IT services, to upgrade and reorganize its network system.


The center moved to a new dispatch facility and looked to improve its Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD).The network’s security and reliability is critical to the Center’s work. The Center retained VISTECH to upgrade its CAD. While completing this job, it learned that the non-profit had two separate networks: one for the emergency dispatch system and one for the administrative offices. VISTECH recognized an opportunity to increase the Center’s efficiency by integrating the networks.


VISTECH designed an upgraded network for the center. The heart of the system is Dell hardware running the Windows Server operating system. VISTECH installed Dell workstations running the latest Windows Operating system. The network features fast Ethernet switching and dual firewalls securing internet access and Virtual Private Network capability. VISTECH continues to manage and protect the center’s new CAD.

VISTECH also recommended integrating the CAD network and the separate administrative network reducing overhead and a need for third party contracts. This improved the efficiency of the center as a whole. Administrative staff gained access to a fast, secure internet connection and a direct link to the CAD system. Combining the networks also facilitated communication within the Center by allowing all users to the Exchange Server based email and calendaring system.


VISTECH upgraded the center’s Computer Aided Dispatch System and tied the administrative offices into the same network. The center’s files and data are now more secure and office communication has improved. The Center’s network continues to be maintained and monitored by VISTECH’s Total Network Support (TNS), a comprehensive proactive support plan to protect networks.

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