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Customer Stories

A Case Study on Outsourcing

A Hartford Law Firm – Managed IT Support


A highly regarded law firm in Hartford, Connecticut, specializes in personal injury claims. In addition to representing many clients, the firm is active in lobbying for victims’ rights, and it’s committed to community outreach. In this technological age, computers are a critical asset in assisting this firm with maintaining records and conducting business practices in an efficient manner. Because the firm realizes the significant role technology plays in its business, it chose VISTECH to deliver advanced IT services and network support, freeing its attorneys to focus solely on their area of expertise.


This firm has one IT staffer working in-house. “We used to have a full-time in-house IT employee. We didn’t really need someone full time, but we did need someone during critical periods like a migration or a network failure,” says Patti, Office Manager of the firm. To enable its staff to focus more specifically on legal issues, the firm decided to outsource their IT work. The firm hired VISTECH for its Managed IT support, a proactive service designed to secure and maintain a network, and to fulfill any extenuating technology needs. By outsourcing network services and computer support, not only did the firm gain access to resources capable of handling all network management and spikes in IT demand, but it also saved money. For example, prior to working with VISTECH, the lease on the firm’s workstations expired, requiring it to replace its 34 computer terminals. Configuring the new workstations in the same manner as that of the old, including file location and desktop layout, was critical – a daunting task for a single in-house IT staffer.


The expert computer and network technicians at VISTECH replaced the workstations quickly and efficiently. The Managed IT support team incorporated the setup of the old workstations into that of the new ones in order to maintain a consistent appearance between both, and to ensure a seamless change over. VISTECH created a system to speed data migration without compromising quality or functionality. This process allowed their technicians to complete each workstation in record time, saving the firm from inconvenience and unnecessary costs. VISTECH installed new computers before sending back the old ones to prevent a work gap and to ensure the firm was satisfied and familiar with the new machines.


VISTECH completed the workstation replacement and installed new computers with a screen formatted identically to that of the old, simplifying the transition. During the transition, not a single employee at the firm was without a computer. In addition, staff time was not spent on reconfiguring desktops, finding files, or otherwise adjusting to the new configuration, which prevented productivity from dropping. “They are one hundred percent accommodating with regards to our needs. They go above and beyond,” says Patti. The expert technicians at VISTECH continue to support the firm’s server network and workstations, preventing technological headaches and allowing the attorneys to focus on their true priority – their clients.

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