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A Case Study in Security

A West Hartford and Middletown Law- Security Upgrade


A law firm, with offices in both West Hartford and Middletown, focuses primarily on personal injury cases, emphasizing individual client service. This firm’s work depends on an efficient IT infrastructure in order to maintain the utmost security of client information, as well as to allow lawyers from both locations to securely access any legal record.

The Challenge

‚ÄčThis law firm had a basic computer system. The firm specialized in providing personal attention to clients and, therefore, did not feel the need to invest in network technology. It contacted VISTECH, an IT consulting firm and system integrator, after recognizing that its basic computer system failed to optimize both the security of information and the performance of its operating system.

The Solution

After evaluating the firm’s computer system, VISTECH developed a plan for improving the stability, security, lifespan of the computer infrastructure. Technicians collaborated with the lawyers in order to prioritize a list of tasks tailored to the firm’s needs. First, VISTECH increased the operational reliability of the firm’s desktops and laptops by upgrading each operating system from Windows Millennium Edition to Windows XP Professional. Internet access was improved by replacing a shared dial up service with a DSL connection. To further protect and secure the firm’s records, VISTECH installed Symantec Antivirus and added a network attached storage device to the computer system. Because the firm operates from multiple offices, VISTECH installed a VPN connection between locations to facilitate secure file sharing. The gradual implementation of these upgrades was not only able to produce an immediate improvement in the quality of the system, but was also able to prevent an intrusive interruption to the firm’s workflow.

The Result

VISTECH completed a substantial number of upgrades to the firm’s hardware and operating system without interrupting the firm’s daily operations. The firm has enhanced its ability to work between offices without fear of security issues or hardware reliability. The technicians continue to provide proactive Total Network Support (TNS) for daily monitoring of the firm’s operating system. “The network technician caters his service to our needs,” said Susan, Partner of the firm. The ongoing maintenance and gradual infrastructure improvements continue to increase the performance and lifespan of the computer system at the most cost-effective rate.

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