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Confident Choice Redesign

Confident Choice is a consulting firm creating transformative digital marketing strategies, programs and tools for major U.S. life insurance and asset management companies. Its proprietary offering, Confident Choice®, is a digital decision-assistance service that increases trust, engagement, and activation for consumers; generates insight, conversion, and retention for distributors.

Recognizing the importance of enhancing their online presence, Confident Choice turned to VISTECH. VISTECH’s team of expert UX designers and developers have created solutions for web applications, project management and much more to meet business needs.

Building Up Expectations: Confident Choice's Modern Website Design System

  • Redesigned and optimized website for all devices.

  • Enhanced readability through navigation and content reorganization.

  • Imagery strategically aligned with brand identity and message.

  • Elevated contrast with updated fonts and vibrant colors.

Elevating Business To New Heights

Nurture Excellent User Experience

At VISTECH, we understand that the heart of a successful website lies in delivering an exceptional user experience. That’s why we crafted a responsive website, carefully designed to provide seamless navigation and captivating interactions that leave users hooked. By enhancing contrast, improving legibility, and optimizing image loading speed, the Confident Choice website can better serve its users.

The Art of Building a Powerful Brand

The website was designed with the purpose of enhancing and elevating the Confident Choice brand. Recognizing the vital role of consistency in building a strong brand identity, we carefully crafted every aspect of the website to align seamlessly with Confident Choice’s core values and essence. In the ever-growing crowded and competitive market, it is important to set yourself apart with a brand identity that is recognizable across platforms.

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