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Crosskey Architects Redesign

Crosskey Architects is a company that revitalizes historically significant buildings and creates new communities through creative reuse, renovation, and design.

Transforming the Digital Landscape: Improving Crosskey Architects

  • Craft an engaging interface that entices prospective clients to explore an extensive portfolio of 100+ completed projects.

  • Enhance user experience by implementing intuitive search features, allowing visitors to effortlessly find projects based on detailed attributes such as project size, location, type, LEED certifications, and awards.

  • Seamlessly incorporate visually captivating website design that captures their unique vision of harmonizing historical preservation with modern revitalization.

Elevating Business To New Heights

Captivate Interest

An intuitive interface was thoughtfully designed to provide users with access to a vast array of projects, allowing them to effortlessly explore based on a wide range of specific attributes. These attributes include project size, location, type, LEED certifications, and awards, ensuring that users can precisely search and discover projects that align with their preferences and requirements.

Showcase Expertise

VISTECH developed project templates aimed at effectively showcasing the services of the company to prospective clients. These templates encompass various features such as the display of project properties (such as size, style, etc.), environmental certifications, awards, an extensive gallery of images and videos, as well as convenient links to news articles and other relevant projects.

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