Product Configurator

Give Buyers The Power to Build-to-Order Anytime, Anywhere.

The Benefits of the SolSuite Product Configurator

Empower buyers to self-configure-to-order your products with the SolSuite Product Configurator. This complex, rules-based solution applies your unique assembly rules to create a seamless online build-to-order experience. You choose the amount of work your product configurator does – from configure-to-quote to configure-to-order. Complex decision-making functionality drives every step, with rules set by you, delivering only valid products and eliminating mistakes, extra costs and delays.


Give End-User Confidence with Amazing Support

  • Graphic assembly ads
  • Configuration tracking
  • Restart at any point
  • No ‘false’ results

Let Buyers Build What They Want, When They Want

  • Configure-to-quote and configure-to-order
  • Includes build-a-part features
  • Delivers only valid configurations

Help Buyers Every Step of the Way

  • Graphical and textual ‘tips’ help choose configuration alternatives
  • Evolving product image during configuration
  • CAD files can be viewed and downloaded
  • Anytime, anywhere access from all devices

Effectively Talk to Your Back Office

  • Automated two-way integration
  • Connected to back -end CRM and ERP systems
  • Factory-ready orders
  • Eliminate mistakes and costly factory order resubmissions
  • No more configuration redo’s

Personalize it For Your Company's Products

  • Software set up to accomodate your needs
  • Complex decision-making functionality
  • Configuration assemblies are not predetermined
  • Modular, building-block methodology
  • Uses your complex geometric, environmental and performance requirements
  • An online experience unique to your branding
  • Turnkey implementation

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